Monday, February 4, 2008

An Open Letter to Famous Jews on the West Coast

Dear West Coast Famous Jews,

This means you, Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow, Jason Segel and all the rest of those guys --you gave a shoutout to "Munich" in "Knocked Up," and now it's time to take your Jewish pride to the next level. Natalie Portman, you sabra you, can translate the lyrics for Zach Braff. Mia Kirshner, your new "L-Word" is "L'hitraot," so we'll see you at the show. Lisa Edelstein, it's time to leave the House and get out for an evening. Ditto to you, Paul Adelstein--leave Private Practice and bring your wife Paris Geller with you. Speaking of Gellers, Schwimmer, get your Friends together and come to Avalon. (Seriously--you already went to that Heeb party in New York last year.) Greg Grunberg, be a hero and join us, and bring J.J. with you if he's done destroying New York.

And as for you, Mark Zuckerberg, we at the Israelity Tour blog want to thank you for creating our events notification system, or as you call it, Facebook.

You work hard to entertain us and give us the tools we need to stay in touch with our culture and our lives. So come to the Israelity Tour.'s hip-hop, funk and acoustic-style music plus Israel. In SF on February 10, in LA on the 16th and ending the tour in Vegas on the 17th. Plus, lots of other concerts and events between Seattle and Vegas starting this Wednesday. All courtesy of Birthright Israel.

Join us! Non-celebrities, click here. Celebs and/or publicists, RSVP here.

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