Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Israelity Tour Liveblog: Opening Night (Seattle, WA)

[at left: Birthright Israel's Director of New Initiatives Sydney Henning greets the crowd at the opening night for the Israelity Tour]

I'm sitting here on the floor of the auditorium at UW Hillel, where Michelle Citrin just finished her amazing and transfixing set of melodies, and Coolooloosh (that's six o's, in case you're counting) just took the stage with their remarkable and indescribably eclectic sound. Heads are bobbing, feet are moving back and forth, and you can hear the vibrations coming through the floor and bouncing off the walls.

[photo at right: Rebel Sun of Coolooloosh (credit Joel Magalnick,]
"Good evening, Seattle," greeted rapper Joel "Rebel Sun" Covington. "Our next song is called 'Someplace,' someplace that you gots to be." The vibe mellowed out and some swaying is transpiring, as UW students and interested local young people settled into a slow groove, then the funky backbeat picks up and Rebel Sun resumes his rapping.

All this--musical performances from Coolooloosh and Michelle Citrin--followed a hilarious hosting job by LA-based comic Mo Mandel, and an edifying presentation by our Israelis who are traveling with us.
Tomorrow night we hit Nectar for a huge show, featuring tonight's two acts, as well as Israelity Tour headliner Subliminal and members of the T.A.C.T. Family. If you don't have tickets (only $15) yet, go to and make sure you don't get closed out.

More photos to come!!

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