Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bat Shishim: Gevatron and Subliminal Provide Israel @60 Anthem

Israel turns 60 next month, and Subliminal recently teamed up with the legendary Israeli folk band Gevatron to re-record Gevatron's well-known song "Bat 60" (Sixty Years Old) in honor of the milestone.

Here's the original version, without Subliminal:


Monday, February 25, 2008

Where Are They Now??

What's up with the Israelity Tour cast members now that the tour has ended?

Coolooloosh is recording their new album in Philadelphia with noted producer David Ivory, and occasionally gigging in New York City (JCC next week as part of Israel Non-Stop, and March 15th at Joe's Pub, check them out).

Subliminal is collaborating with the legendary Israeli band Givatron, creating a new version of their song "Bat Shishim" (sixty years old) in commemoration of Israel's 60th birthday this spring. Check out this clip from Channel 2 (in Hebrew) which brings you inside the studio.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

BooSkills Video: "Oleh Shalav"

For all you Israelity-Tour-TACT Family converts, here's a just-uploaded video from BooSkills, featuring Subliminal and Metro.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Over, But The Music Continues

The Israelity Tour is officially over, but the memories and the music remain--tour members are busy adding each other as MySpace and Facebook friends, and the particularly YouTube obsessed among us are combing the vast recesses of the internet for videos of the Israelity Tour or about the Israelity Tour artists, and coming up with some amazing stuff, particularly regarding the unofficial anthem of the Israelity Tour trailer, "Toro," by Subliminal.

We've found versions that are grainy and shot with poor-resolution cameraphones, versions that provide the lyrics (karaoke-style) for your recitiation convenience, and even a line dance, which I'm happy to share with you below.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

LA Tonight; Vegas Tomorrow Night

We've been to Seattle, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

The caliber of the shows has been unbelievable.
The energy of the performers has been incredible.
The enthusiasm of the audience has been overwhelming.

And tomorrow night, we've got one last night to do it all over again.

So won't you join us for one last Israelity Tour dance, as our amazing and talented performers -- Coolooloosh, Michelle Citrin, and Subliminal and the T.A.C.T. Family, all hosted by comedian Mo Mandel -- unite for the Las Vegas performance that will officially close out Taglit-Birthright Israel's 2008 Israelity Tour?

TAO at the Venetian, Sunday night, February 17th

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Unique and Eclectic Sounds of Coolooloosh

I'm sitting here on the floor at Stevenson Center on the UC Santa Cruz campus. After another stunning set by Michelle Citrin, I'm listening to Coolooloosh...they sing mostly in English, but are an undeniably Israeli band. The six band members seem to have very different skills and styles, but somehow become a whole that is undefinably awesome. They inspire devotion among their regular fans, recruit more fans with every performance, and bring everyone to their feet for funk/hip-hop infused dancing that leaves the crowd jumping and wanting more.

Lead singer Rebel Sun's rhyming mastery is perfectly complemented by Yuval Gerstein on guitars and vocals; Ori Winokur on bass; Yogev Shitrit on drums; Arik Levy on saxophones; and Itamar Borochov on trumpet.

If you haven't seen them yet, check them out...we have shows lined up in San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas for the Israelity Tour, and then beyond that, who knows? They're recording a new album in Philadelphia after the tour, so they'll probably become one of those bands that's too big for get your tickets right now while you can still afford them!

You know the address: -- good tickets still available!

Ramada Takeover: Santa Cruz

In Santa Cruz, California, the weather hasn't been nice in weeks, the locals tell us. The hotel pools are closed, because it's still winter here. But in what perhaps indicates the power of music and the human spirit, sunshine has now come to Santa Cruz, in the same moment that the Chinese bus containing three musical acts arrived. And beware, Ramada residents...we've taken over the place.

A visit to a local eating establishment (the word "restaurant" isn't quite descriptive) provided the waitress with company for the first time all day--"we've been waiting for you all day," she giggled at the visiting Israelis as they ordered their burgers, wings and chicken strips. On the phone with her manager, she noted that they hadn't been busy, but that then "30 kids just walked in." Everyone laughed at the use of the word "kids," except for one member of the group. He thought he heard her say "30 Jews just walked in," and strode over ready to defend the faith and the nation, if need be. But all was well, and the conversation continued as people chomped on fried and barbecued foods.

This blogger played a rocking game of Pac Man which really got her blood pumping, and between that and the bottomless Diet Coke, she's buzzing with fake energy that may or may not prevent a ten-minute nap. But even if she drifts off despite these odds, tonight she will awaken, for there is a show: Coolooloosh and Michelle Citrin will play Stevenson Event Center at UC-Santa Cruz tonight to celebrate the opening of registration for Summer 2008 Taglit-Birthright Israel trips. If you haven't gone on your free Taglit-Birthright Israel trip to Israel, register now!

Tomorrow we roll towards San Diego, with a big show coming up at House of Blues. Get your tickets now!